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The TAP Method

" of management-speak jargon and full of motivating and useful tips."
—James Ratcliffe, Director, Homeplay

The TAP Method is a personal productivity framework designed for modern knowledge workers. Developed from years of experience working in fast-paced and dynamic environments, the TAP Method—which stands for trigger, action, plan—provides a simple, three-step process designed to help you:

  • Manage complexity

  • Reduce overwhelm

  • Generate momentum

  • Improve follow-through


Unlike other approaches to productivity, which can be bulky and hard to maintain, the TAP Method is rooted in lightweight, flexible principles that can be applied across a wide variety of scenarios. This unique productivity framework is about bringing a more mindful approach to your work, empowering you to spend less time managing your productivity system and more time doing things that actually matter.


Download the free white paper and discover what the TAP Method can do for you. 

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