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Zero Acceleration

"Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force, but through persistence."
—Ovid, Roman poet

We crave acceleration. We like the idea of being pushed back in our seats as we fly headlong to our goals. So when we're presented with a new objective, it's tempting to slam our foot on the gas. But rapid acceleration burns precious fuel. We're treating the work as a drag race. Exhilarating? Perhaps. Good for covering distance? Not in the least.

Impact comes from the long haul. It requires endurance, conservation of energy, and steady progress. The rush from zero to sixty doesn't get us there. We achieve better results when we ramp up slowly then maintain a steady cruising speed.

Long after others have flamed out, left stalled on the side of the road with their fuel gauge on "E", we are barrelling methodically toward our destination. Like water, relentlessly hollowing out a stone. Zero acceleration. Just steady progress toward our goals.

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