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Simple Solutions are Difficult.

When we're faced with complex challenges, it is tempting to look for easy answers. The problem is that more often than not the answers that come easily result in solutions that are anything but.

This is because easy answers don't account for nuance. Conversely, only the difficult answers—the ones that require wrangling, planning, revisions, heartburn, and self-doubt at every step of the process—result in simple solutions.

A classic example of this is UI design. It is very easy to throw a bunch of graphic elements together resulting in a horrible user-experience. Conversely, creating delightful experiences requires a careful and deliberate approach.

It seems obvious, but often we forget this premise when it comes to working with business challenges. We find, for example, that members of the team aren't executing the way we need them to in a particular area of the business. Our solution? An edict:

Do this, or else...

Simple idea; problematic solution. In so doing, we've avoided the hard work required to create a simple solution.

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